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Historic Restoration

Over the years, the JB Leslie Company has completed many high-profile restorations, including many of the great historic lighthouses along the eastern seaboard. (Pope was the design architect for the Jefferson Memorial, the National Archives, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC).  We have also done numerous restorations and repairs in Portsmouth, NH, Dover, NH, Manchester, NH, Somersworth, NH, New Castle, NH, Portland ME, Cape Elizabeth ME, Bristol, ME, Monhegan Island, ME, Owls Head ME, Rockland ME, and many other great towns in the North East.

Historic Mill Restoration

Historic Theater Restoration

Historic Church / Chapel Restoration

Historic Home Restoration

Historic Lighthouse Restoration


Fire Places

We specialize in custom fireplaces of a modified Rumford design, but have built / repaired virtually every type of fireplace.

We enjoy doing custom new designs to historic replication and restoration of Fire Places. We have an extreme attention to detail to ensure that no matter what the design is we are sure to deliver a product that won't only meet, but exceed your expectations.

When we do historic replica or restorations we make sure that every aspect is in line with the period and material required to have a 100% true replica or restoration.

Custom Designed Fire Places are always a great adventure. We get to consult from the design phase to the selection of material. You can be sure that with any of our great custom stone or brick fire places that you will have a show piece that won't only be a focal point for your house but will bring vale to your home for years to come.

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Walkways & Patios

We can build walkways and patios of almost any masonry that you can imagine and we will work with you to develop the perfect design.

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Chimneys Have Been Our Specialty for over 20 Years. We build chimneys in all brick and stone applications.

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Stone Walls

Stone Walls can be built from many different types of stone. Some of the material is listed below:

Native Field Stone, NH Granite, Veneer Stones, Limestone, Corinthian Granite, River Rock, Blue Stone, Marble, Tumbled Marble, and many more.

We build multiple types of stone walls and structures. We can build a wall or structure any way you wish. We can build retaining walls, perimeter walls, and stone structures to fit your unique needs.

Contact us today to set up a consulation and start adding value to your home while putting in a structure that you can be sure will outlast the home itself.

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Paving Stone Driveways

Driveway paving installers know the incredible strength and long-lasting qualities of paving stones. In Europe, cobblestone streets, walkways and town squares are everywhere, many of them several hundred years old and still in perfect shape. When expensive natural stone became out of reach, Europeans weren't willing to give up the charm and elegance that only stone paving can give, so they invented a new type of paving stone (known in the industry as "interlocking pavers") that duplicated the beauty and strength of stone at a fraction of the price. Since that time, concrete pavers have become the pavement of choice. They became available in the US and have been increasing in popularity over the last decade as more and more people discover their beauty and practical advantages.

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Interior & Exterior Stone Veneer

For a taste of Old World charm, there's nothing like a stone facade. Stone can play a similarly key role in the aesthetics of a home's interior, as well. From flooring to fireplaces, stone elements — particularly when indigenous to the home's region — blur the line between the inside and outside, and add distinction and variation from typical wood and plaster construction. The cost of stone, however, can add up quickly. Not only is availability sometimes limited to certain regions and must be shipped to your site, working with stone often requires more labor than most other home building materials.

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